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Things to consider when building your next custom rifle

Having a custom rifle built is one of life's great pleasures if you are a hunter or shooter.

Custom Rifle Build North American Ammunition Company

If a new custom rifle build is in your future, consider a few of these things first to help make your experience go smoothly.

Identify the specific use or niche you intend to use the rifle for.

After you have selected the intended use, pick a cartridge to chamber it for. Certain cartridges excel in certain scenarios. Make sure the cartridge you select is a good match for the rifle you intend to build and the game you pursue.

Once you select a cartridge, make sure components are available. Cartridges that share classes have drastically different availability. 6.5 PRC is very available to us, 7 Rem Mag is very available, 7 SAUM is somewhat available, and 7 WSM is very difficult to procure. All four

rounds will perform similarly in the field, so we suggest picking a round we can keep you supplied with. We have certain items on the shelf, and tentative deliveries for others. Check with us first, as it might assist you in making a decision.

6.5 PRC 7 SAUM 7 Rem Mag North American Ammunition Company

6.5 PRC 130 SSII, 7 SAUM 150 SSII, 7 Rem Mag 150 SSII, 7 WSM not available for picture

Make sure the cartridge you select is adequate for the game you intend to pursue at ranges you are comfortable shooting. Bullet choice for each cartridge selected will effect the useful range of each round. There is considerable overlap, so there are a lot of great choices out there.

Pick your rifle ergonomics. Do you want a light, compact carry gun, or a long, heavy long range gun? Each niche will have cartridges and bullets that work better in each platform.

Your recoil tolerance will have some input on what you select as well. Lightweight rifles recoil more. Stock design and muzzle brakes will mitigate that to a degree. Cartridge selection makes a big difference. If you really want a 6# mountain rifle, I would not recommend a 338 RUM as a first choice.

Above all, make sure North American Ammunition Company puts together a custom ammunition package for your new rifle.

6.5 PRC Custom Rifle Build North American Ammunition

Putting it all together to make a 499 yard shot on this doe antelope. 6.5 PRC 130 SSII



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