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Customer Spotlight (300 RUM 200 Grain Swift A Frame)

Welcome to our third blog in a new series, Customer Spotlight. This series is our way of sharing our customer's stories with the rest of the hunting community. Sharing the back story and the hunting adventure brings greater depth and meaning to the memories made.

Thank you for your contribution, we invite everyone to participate. Contact us for details. Multiple submissions are welcome. Share your experiences and memories with us.

300 RUM


I recommend the 300 RUM and 200 Grain Swift A frames for any North American game (except maybe the largest Coastal brown bears in close) and any of the African plains game. I do not recommend using this load for African Big five.


Trip location: Africa

Approximate distance from home: 8,600 miles

Method of travel: Delta Airlines

Trip duration: 24 days

Type of tag: Pre-apply tags from outfitter

Type of trip: Plains game species collection trip

Describe your experience:

I shot around 45 big game animals on this one trip. The animals ranged in size from a red duiker to an eland. I used a 300 RUM with 200 grain Swift A frames. The bullets performed perfectly on every single shot. I even finished off another clients wounded buffalo at 240 yards as it peered at us around a tree. The buff went 60 yards and the bullet penetrated to just under the skin on the other side. None of the other plains game animals went further than 30 yards and most dropped in their tracks. My experience has been this bullet performs very well with impact velocities between 2500 and 3100.

300 RUM North American Ammunition Company Customer Spotlight

Gear list:

Rifles Inc 300 RUM with Custom North American Ammunition loaded 200 grain Swift A frames.

Would you take this trip again:

Would do this trip again.


I've been to Africa (8) times. I have also used this load on North Americas larger game (elk, grizzly, moose).

300 RUM



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