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The list below represents what we have on our radar.  We are accruing components or guns to do the testing. If there is something on this list you are waiting for, please let us know.  We are willing to work a deal on custom ammunition for use of a rifle.  We will also move some of these up the list if we know there is demand for them.
What cartridge do you want to see?


25-06 Remington

87 Speer HotCor,100 Swift Scirocco,101 Barnes LRX,117 Hornady BTSP

257 Weatherby Mag

87 Speer HotCor,100 Swift Scirocco,101 Barnes LRX,117 Hornady BTSP

6.5 PRC

​140 Swift A-Frame

7mm-08 Remington

120 Nosler Ballistic Tip,140 Nosler Ballistic Tip, 142 Lehigh, 143 Hammer Hunter,150 Swift Scirocco II

280 Ackley Improved

Customer requests


142 Lehigh, 143 Hammer150 Nosler Ballistic Tip,160 Nosler AB,160 Speer Grand Slam,160 Swift A-Frame,

162 ELDM, 162 ELDX, 162 SST, 175 ELDX,175 Berger Elite Hunter,180 ELDM

​7mm Rem Mag

Customer requests

7mm PRC

​150 Swift Scirocco, 150 Nosler Ballistic Tip,160 Accubond,160 Grand Slam,160 Swift A-Frame,162 ELDM, 168 LRX, 175 Accubond LR,175 Berger Elite Hunter,180 ELDM,195 Berger EOL

28 Nosler

Customer requests

308 Winchester

150 Hornady SP,165 Hornady SP,165 Swift Scirocco II,180 Nosler Accubond,180 Barnes TSX

300 WSM

165 TTSX​, 165 Swift Scirocco, 200 Speer Grand Slam, 200 Swift A-Frame, 200 Norma Oryx

300 Win Mag

180 Nosler AB,180 Barnes TSX BT,190 Nosler ABLR,200 Swift A-Frame

300 PRC​

205 Berger Elite Hunter, 220 Lapua Scenario, 225 Hornady ELDM, 230 A-Tip


300 Weatherby

180 Swift Scirocco, 200 Norma Oryx, 200 Swift A-Frame

300 Rum

200 Swift A-Frame, 230 A Tip

450 Bushmaster

300 Hornady XTP

Your requests

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