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  • How do I order?
    We take all orders over the phone where you will speak directly with the owner of the company. We will often take text orders from customers who we have an established relationship with. Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
  • Do you require ID?
    Yes. All ammunition sales require a state issued ID verifying that you are over the age of 18. A picture/text of your state issued ID can be sent to us. Please visit our Terms page for more information. Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
  • I am on your website, where is your online store?
    In order to provide the best customer service, we choose to take all orders over the phone. This applies to all of ammunition products in addition to our custom ammo. Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
  • Do you have a physical store front?
    No. We are not open to the public. Our mailing address is our office. All inventory and product are located in a secure location.
  • How do you take payment?
    The fastest and most simple way is a credit card over the phone. We do not keep any credit cards on file. On direct sales there are no credit card fees to you. We do not accept ANY cash apps as they do not support second amendment purchases. Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
  • How long does it take to ship?
    Any Fed Ex label created today ships on the next day roster. Fed Ex picks up Monday through Friday. All Friday through Sunday orders ship Monday. The closer to a Fed Ex that you are, the faster you will receive your shipment. Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
  • Do you offer test packs?
    As part of our customer service, we offer test packs for virtually all of our custom ammunition. Our test packs are a mix of different load options, combined to make a box or partial box. Our custom test packs can be any combination of different bullets, seating depths, powder or charge weight. The Test Pack is a great way to dial in your ammunition to your rifle or to test our existing house loads. Pricing is based on which loads you choose. No up-charge for the service. Please call us with any questions and we will work with you to determine the best test pack for your needs. (616) 299 - 1349
  • How do I know which bullet choice for my cartridge?
    We want you to be successful. The fastest way to success is to figure it out first. Species being pursued, shot distance and rifle capabilities will all contribute to selecting the proper bullet for your situation. Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
  • What is the first step in a custom rifle build?
    To get the perfect rifle for your application, we feel it is best to start at the end and work backwards. -What is the intended purpose > Species, distance, method you are using to hunt (hiking, sitting, stalking) -Which Projectile will meet the purpose? -Which Cartridge delivers the performance needed? -What size Magazine is required to hold the cartridge? -Which Action holds that cartridge/projectile combination? -Build the rest of your rifle around to match the above criteria. (barrel, stock, trigger and optics) Visit our blog post: Paul (616) 299 - 1349 North American Ammunition Company
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