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Customer Spotlight

This is the first blog in a new series, Customer Spotlight. This series is our way of sharing our customer's stories with the rest of the hunting community. Sharing the back story and the hunting adventure brings greater depth and meaning to the memories made.

We would like to thank Donald for his contribution, and invite everyone to participate. Contact us for details. Multiple submissions are welcome. Share your experiences and memories with us.


Customer Spotlight Series North American Ammunition Company


Hunting doesn't have to be a sport for the wealthy. While there will always be those dream hunts that's require some saving and planning for; there are local hunting opportunities that can provide a lifetime of memories for merely just for the cost of a resident hunting license, tank of gas for the pick-up, and cooler full of drinks and snacks. I would encourage everyone to take full advantage of these opportunities.

As a hunter we go through different stages of progression. I grew up not having a lot, other than a father who took the time to always take me hunting at our local state game lands. While the hunting on state game lands in Florida is oftentimes very poor, Florida is not a state that is renowned for exceptional deer hunting, this was all my father could afford and I cherished it.

Since, I've put myself through college been fortunate in my career, and several of the hunts that me and my father used to dream about I've been lucky enough to be able to go and experience. While these hunts are exciting in their own right and I hope to be able to do a few more bucket-list hunts.

North American Ammunition Company Customer Spotlight Series

Time has passed and I've become a father and these same state game-lands that I've hunted for years now still bring the same pleasures to me and my son, as they did for me and my father.

These days' I finding myself behind the gun a little less and more often than not, trying to put my son in front of some game animals.


Trip Location: Local state lands

Approximate distance from home: 12-65 miles

Method of travel: Pick-up truck

Trip duration: Most are day hunts

Type of tag: OTC, state game lands

Type of trip: Annual seasonal hunts

Describe your experience: Grew up hunting the state game lands in Florida hunting deer and hogs. One of my biggest obstacles to overcome was finding good quality ammunition that was: 1) Accurate and consistent. 2)Would hold together and penetrate large boar hogs 3) Yet still get good consistent expansion on our smaller bodied Seminole Whitetail here in Florida. Down here in the south the forests are dense and wet year round, an exit wound is critical for trailing game through the undergrowth and a good blood trail is often the difference maker in the recovery of game.

Gear list: On these hunts I typically bring a day pack, some type of boom stick, and some ammunition loaded by North American Ammunition Company.

Would you take this trip again: These are the only hunts that I take every year on an annual basis. I've hunted in multiple states for multiple species of game. But these state game land hunts near home with friends and family I look to the most.

North American Ammunition Company Customer Spotlight Seroes



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