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Which Ammunition is right for you?

Now that you have your favorite new hunting rifle, its time to feed the fire! We offer several different ways to get ammunition for your rifle.

Certain cartridges we have developed our own house loads for. These are our standard offerings

and they are typically on the shelf ready to ship. We are continuously adding new cartridges to our lineup as well as more options for existing cartridges, so you have a range of bullets to choose from to fit your needs. Our hand crafted house loads fit the needs of most hunters, are generally available and the fastest way to obtain ammunition. We can help you pick the perfect bullet for your hunting style and game animal you pursue.

If you are interested in a particular bullet choice or cartridge that is not a standard stock item, semi- custom can make a lot of sense. We go through virtually the same process as full custom ammunition, however, the rifle owner does the shooting and data recording and reports back to us so we can develop the plan together. This method will require phone consultation and access to a reliable chronograph. We work together to get you exactly what you are looking for. This method generally requires at least three range sessions, but often more. Some additional shipping and phone calls are needed to develop this program.

If you want the utmost in ammunition, are too busy to mess with load development or simply just want it handled, our full custom services are for you. We take in the rifle and perform our load development specifically to that rifle. This makes the most sense for people with time constraints, or for someone that wants that extra level of performance.

Once your ammunition is fired off, send back your brass for re-loads. Reloading brass fired from your rifle performs equally or better than brand new. Reloading your brass also keeps you shooting when others are dealing with supply chain issues. Your fired brass can be used many times again, so take advantage of it. We go through our full resizing and cleaning process and load your brass back to the same specs as your original load, or any other load you want to try.

Whichever system you choose, we are here as a partner with you to solve your ammunition needs.



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