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Let's Talk Packaging

As a small, growing business, our conversations often revolve around operating in a responsible and sustainable way. Recycling, reducing and eliminating single use items from our product line is one way we can help. Future generations, and our planet, depend on what we do to today.

What's the Problem?

We saw cardboard boxes and their plastic inserts the industry relies on, damage easily and end up on the land fill. We chose hard plastic, re-usable ammunition boxes. The challenge is getting them to you damage free via ground carrier. Early on, we relied on bubble wrap for our package protection. We quickly saw the expense and contribution to single use plastics that clog our landfills. We knew there had to be a better way.

Good-bye bubble wrap

We now use a better and more sustainable product for our packaging and your product will still arrive damage free.

Hello shredded paper

We partner with local businesses in our area for our supply of shredded paper for packaging.

Shredded paper is already used once, so we save it from the landfill for a second use. It packs densely in our boxes, and provides plenty of cushion for the truck ride.

Once your shipment arrives to you, there are more options to keep this out of the landfill.

Shredded paper can be used again for:



*Bedding for small pets or birds

*Plants and garden mulch

*Incinerated in a boiler for heat and hot water generation


Shredded paper can be taken to a recycle facility but there are many caveats due to a different process that is used. Often, if the rules of recycling shredded paper are not followed, the paper winds up in a landfill.

Add in some cardboard

We receive a lot of boxes that our inventory arrives in. We make use of them by lining our boxes with cardboard for additional strength and padding. This allows us to use a thinner box, but still ensure product is damage free to your door.

What about the rest of it?

Any over-pack material we receive and cannot re-use ourselves, is taken to other local businesses for them to re-use.

The final result

After much trial and error we now have our packaging system down to a science.

We Take pride in the amount of care put into each and every order.

North American Ammunition Company will continue to look for innovative packaging solutions.

Send us an email or text with any questions you might have about our packaging process or any other topics you might be interested in.

North American Ammunition Company




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