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Reloading Services

Our reloading services use your fired brass.  We can use brass originally supplied by us or another manufacturer.  Reloading fired brass enhances performance and keeps you shooting amidst supply chain struggles.  

Our process is to first remove the primers and measure each case to get an average idea on the dimensions of your chamber with the fired brass.  If dirty, we will do an initial cleaning.  We set up our FL sizing die to just bump your shoulder back .002".  Choosing this amount of set back minimizes case stretch, and prolongs the life of the brass.  After sizing, we clean with a vibratory tumbler to remove the case lubricant and shine the brass.  After cleaning, we clean out the primer pockets and trim to length.  Our trimmer chamfers and deburs the case mouth in one perfect step.  Next we install primers and load your ammunition.  

Call or Text (616) 299-1349 to discuss your reloading needs.

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7471 Terrace Lane

Jenison, MI 49428

Reloading Services
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