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7mm-08 Remington
162 Hornady ELD-X

$60/Box of 20

Brass:  Starline (Lapua brass upgrade for $20/Box additional)

Primer: CCI 200

Velocity: 2,645 fps from 22" Tikka 1:9.5" twist

G1 BC: .631

G7 BC: .318

Minimum Twist: 1:9.5" or faster

Minimum Impact Velocity: 1,600 fps

Recommended Game: All big game except the coastal brown and polar bears where we recommend 30 caliber magnums or larger.

This bullet makes a great solution to your long range hunting application.  High BC helps retain energy and a softer skin helps ensure good mushrooms at longer distances when velocity is falling off.  An interlock ring helps contain the core as this bullet will mushroom throughout its penetration until it either exits the animal or comes apart.

We recommend this bullet for the hunter that prefers more dramatic energy dump on impact or for the hunter trying to extend their range on thinner skinned animals.

This round is designed to fit and function through standard short actions and magazines with standard twist rates.  Custom seating depths are available for rifles with modified magazines.

We measure each powder charge to within +/- .02 grains on our Autotrickler powder systems. We seat each bullet with Redding competition seat dies on our Forster Co-Ax single stage press. We load them one at a time!  Each round is hand measured for consistency and placed into our hard plastic, twenty count boxes.  Each box has a foam insert and neoprene strap to keep your rounds secure in the field.  This is loaded ammunition.  Twenty (20) rounds per box.

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