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6.5 Creedmoor LRP
140 Berger Elite Hunter

$74/ Box of 20

6.5 Creedmoor LRP
140 Berger Elite Hunter

$74/ Box of 20

Brass: Alpha LRP $74; Peterson LRP $74; Lapua LRP $80.  Your choice of brass.

Primer: CCI BR-2 

Test Barrel: 26" Savage 1: 8" Twist

FPS: 2,820

G1 BC: .606

G7 BC: .310

Minimum Twist: 1:8"

Minimum Impact Velocity: 1,800

Recommended Game:  All big game short of the coastal brown and polar bears, where we generally recommend 30 caliber magnum cartridges or larger.

This bullet does its best work with longer range shots at big game.  The sleek design retains velocity. Berger bullets are known for large diameter wound channels and no exit holes.  Coupled with legendary Lapua brass, this combo will serve you well.

This round is about the best balance for long range hunting.  The Berger 140 flies very well and retains its velocity as well or better than about any other projectile in the 6.5 line of bullets.  There are higher BC bullets out there, but with the Creedmoor case volume, they launch so slowly, they fall short of this 140.  Berger recommends roughly 1,800 fps impact velocity for reliable terminal performance, but field reports suggest very good success at even slower velocities.  Berger bullets are designed to pentrate 2-3" and then disrupt and cause massive wound cavities.  Animals shot with Berger bullets often have large diameter wound channels that are shorter than a bonded or mono bullets.  

We recommend this round for average to longer range hunting.  

We measure each powder charge to within +/- .02 grains on our Autotrickler powder systems.  We seat each bullet with Redding competition seat dies on our Forster Co-Ax single stage press.   We load them one at a time!  Each round is hand measured for consistency and placed into our hard plastic, twenty count boxes.  Each box has a foam insert and neoprene strap to keep your rounds secure in the field.  This is loaded ammunition. 

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