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450 Bushmaster
250 Hornady FTX

$59/Box of 20

Brass: Starline

Primer: CCI 450

Test Barrel: 16.1" Ruger 1:16 Twist

Velocity: 2,330 fps

G1 BC: .210

G7 BC: na

Minimum Twist: na

Minimum Impact Velocity: na

Recommended Game: Close range big game animals.  

For hunters that like the softer bullets to do massive tissue upset, this is the round for you.  Our loads are achieving a bit higher velocity than tradtional big box ammo, with increased precision.  This bullet set the benchmark for the 450.  Expect useful range to be around 200 yards.  We are seeing about 10 fps per inch of barrel added, so 22" barrels can expect about 50-60 fps increase over our test barrel.

This round is designed to function through rifles with 2.260" length requirements.   This round has not been tested through AR rifles yet.

We measure each powder charge to within +/- .02 grains on our Autotrickler powder systems.  We seat each bullet with Redding competition seat dies on our Forster Co-Ax single stage press.   We load them one at a time!  Each round is hand measured for consistency and placed into our hard plastic, twenty count boxes.  Each box has a foam insert and neoprene strap to keep your rounds secure in the field.  This is loaded ammunition.  

450 Bushmaster
250 Hornady FTX

$59/Box of 20
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