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300 PRC
245 Berger Elite Hunter

$95/Box of 20

Brass: ADG

Primer: CCI 250

Test Barrel: 26" Savage 1:8.5" Twist

Velocity: 2,850 fps

G1 BC: .807

G7 BC: .413

Minimum Twist: 1:9"

Minimum Impact Velocity: 1,800 fps

Recommended Game: Recommended for all North American big game animals with an emphasis on longer ranges.  

These Rifle Bullets are designed for extreme long range huntins situations,  typically with custom rifle applications. Elite Hunter Rifle Bullets  utilize Berger’s industry-leading hybrid ogive, which blends tangent and  secant designs to optimize efficiency, reduce wind-drift, and minimize  sensitivity to seating depth. Elite Hunter Rifle Bullets are identical  in construction, shape and performance to the Berger Hybrid Target  series, except they utilize a thinner J4 Precision Jacket for rapid  expansion on game animals. Elite Hunters are designed to penetrate 2-3″  into the vitals and then begin to expand and create a massive wound  cavity up to 15″. This delivers maximum organ/tissue damage and extreme  hydrostatic shock aiding in an ethical kill.

We measure each powder charge to within +/- .02 grains on our Autotrickler powder systems.  We seat each bullet with Redding competition seat dies on our Forster Co-Ax single stage press.   We load them one at a time!  Each round is hand measured for consistency and placed into our hard plastic, twenty count boxes.  Each box has a foam insert and neoprene strap to keep your rounds secure in the field.  This is loaded ammunition.  

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