6.5 mm Creedmoor LRP Lapua
140 Berger Elite Hunter

We developed this load on our Savage Model 12 Target rifle with 26" 8 twist barrel.  We chose Lapua large primer brass and CCI BR-2 match primers.  The perfect match for the ultimate long range hunting bullet is the Berger 140 grain Elite Hunter.  We chose temperature stable H4350 powder. 

This round is about the best balance for long range hunting.  The Berger 140 flies very well and retains its velocity as well or better than about any other projectile in the 6.5 line of bullets.  There are higher BC bullets out there, but with the Creedmoor case volume, they launch so slowly, they fall short of this 140.  Berger recommends roughly 1,800 fps impact velocity for reliable terminal performance, but field reports suggest very good success at even slower velocities.  Berger bullets are designed to pentrate 2-3" and then disrupt and cause massive wound cavities.  Animals shot with Berger bullets often have large diameter wound channels that are shorter than a bonded or mono bullets.  

We recommend this round for average to longer range hunting.  

$74.00/Box of 20

6.5 mm Creedmoor LRP Lapua
140 Berger Elite Hunter

$74/Box of 20
2,820 fps (26" Savage)
G1 BC .606
G7 BC .310
Lapua LRP

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